Thank You Charles Cranmer/Cramer for Listing Your Children and Many of Your Grandchildren in Your Will! (Blog 14)

Shared Ancestor Charles CranmerCharles Cranmer (or Cranmer – it’s spelled both ways in multiple documents), my fourth grandfather showed up on my list of Ancestry DNA shared ancestors with a match to three others with whom I share DNA.

New Jersey SAR Application Isaac CranmerCharles Henry Adare Jr’s 1945 application for membership in the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American Revolution based on the service of Charles’ father Isaac Cranmer lists Charles as the son of Isaac and Dorcas (Adams) Cranmer.

We believe Charles was born about 1788 based upon the 1850, 1860, and 1870 census records and that he worked as a master farmer and at the age of 81 listed the occupation of gentleman.

Charles married Mary Gaskill on April 6, 1809.

Will of Charles CranmerWe haven’t found the original digital images of Charles’ will which was written on Nov 3, 1870 but thankfully John Milton Adams transcribed the will, John Pearce typed it and someone saved the typed version on the Bass River Township, NJ History Website!

We encourage others researching Charles to review this wonderful transcription which lists all twelve of Charles’ children and the grandchildren of those who were deceased before the will was written. The will also lists tracts of land which were left to his children and grandchildren.  We haven’t yet reviewed this aspect of the will yet and also just found documents pertaining to Charles’ probate records showing the final accounting dated April 1874 which we haven’t yet reviewed.

Charles died on Sept 29, 1872 in Bridgeport, New Jersey and his wife Mary died on May 12, 1873. They were buried in Hillside Cemetery, New Gretna, New Jersey.

While working on this blog, we discovered that we had incorrectly documented the children of Charles.  We’ve since cleared up our documentation on both and FamilySearch.  We hope that with this blog we can encourage others to update their documentation on these family lines and share any additional information they know of these family lines.


Darius Cranmer (1808-1858) – married Sarah Ann Cramer [my ancestral line – during the research on Charles, I found his probate records so will write more about him in the future]

Lavina Cranmer (1810-1882) – married John Carter

Isaac F Cranmer (1812-1863) – married Elizabeth Haines

William Sears Cranmer (1813-1873) – married Catherine Leek

Aaron G Cranmer (1813-1889) – married Ann Elizabeth Mott & Rebecca

Dorcas Tabitha Cranmer (1818-1853) – married John Smith Cranmer

Uriah Cranmer (1819-1949) – married Sarah S Haines

Edith Eliza Cranmer (1821-1902) – married John W Cranmer

Samuel B Cranmer (1822-1855) – married Ruth Elmy Lamson

Mary Ann Cranmer (1824-1860) – married William G Adams

Charles Burris Cramer (1828-1879) – married Ellen T Adams

Thomas Allen Cramer (1830-1864) – married Rebecca Ann

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


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[Typed by John Pearce from a hand written transcription by John Milton Adams.].

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Tombstone Tuesday – Finding Edward Edwards’ Gravestone in Aberystwyth, Wales (Blog 10)

In Dec 2017 we travelled to Aberystwyth, Wales where we connected with many great folks who made our visit extra special by helping us get oriented to this beautiful town which we hope to visit again in the future.  We visited the National Library of Wales where we read letters written by children of Edward R Edwards (my 2nd great grandfather) to their uncle Jack Edwards, one of which mentions my father!  We attended a meeting of the Cardiganshire Family History Society and learned of the library’s crowdsourcing projects.  We also met wonderful folks in the Ceredigion Archives who helped us find more about of Edward’s son Jack.  One day we walked to the Aberystwyth Cemetery and after a long hunt, found Edward Edward’s gravestone (my 3rd great grandfather) and discovered that he was buried with his wife Elizabeth (Jones) Edwards and son Jack Edwards.



Iesu ei hun-an



Pencerdd Ceredigion








Coffadwriaeth y cyfiawn sydd fendigedig.






Since we don’t speak Welsh, we used Google Translate to convert the gravestone inscription to English but sense that it might not be a good translator or we didn’t note the letters on the gravestone correctly.  We’d love any input to correct either as we’d love to ensure we’re sharing both the correct Welsh wording and the English translations.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION (with the gracious assistance of members of the Facebook group “You know you’re from Aberystwyth when you..)


Jesus himself

Here lies the remains of


Pencerdd Ceredigion

Who died Sept 16th 1897

Aged 81


His beloved wife


Who went before him December 18, 1865


Remembrance of the righteous is blessed




Who died June 15th 1942

Aged 88 YEARS

Edward is buried next to Mary Jones of Corporation Street who died May 22, 1885 and his daughter Anne Edwards who died in 1909.  We aren’t sure how or if Mary is related but do note that Edward’s wife’s last name was Jones.  As we look at the photo of the gravestone, we note that a Jenkins is buried nearby — wish we’d looked closer as Edward’s daughter Elizabeth married Rev John Austin Jenkins – we’re unsure if this grave marker is connected to this particular family.

Aberystwyth Cemetery ResearchWe were able to find the gravestone by using the Cyngor Sir Ceredigion City Council WEB site which included an aerial photo which showed us how to find the cemetery, the Aberystwyth Cemetery layout which helped us orient within the cemetery.


Researching Edward Edward's Gravesite

We also used the >Search the Cemetery Database (shown above) which told us that Edward was in plot 9, grave 960, and the Aberystwyth Cemetery Location which sort of showed us where gravestone 960 was located– it got us close to the gravestone but not exactly in the right spot.  The gravestones are very close together so it was difficult to find an appropriate place to walk to find the gravestone.

We wish to thank the members of the Ceredigion Family History Society who helped us meet a possible distant relative and made us feel extremely welcome in a new town!  We’d also like to thank the Ceredigion County Council for making the information easy to access as this allowed us to research the location from our wonderful guest house.  We’ve added our image of this gravestone to FindAGrave so someone else who can’t make the trip to Aberystwyth can see the image of Edward’s gravestone.

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council ( : accessed 18 December 2017), Cemetery Search Edward Edwards.

Tombstone for Edward Edwards, Elizabeth Edwards, and Jack Edwards, Edward, Sept 16, 1897, 81 yrs; Elizabeth 1865, 52 yrs; Jack 1942, 88 years, Aberystwyth Cemetery, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales. photo taken by Joanne Parkes,

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Photos Kept By E.R.Edwards (Blog 9, Ancestor 40)

Fortunately cousin Chris recently shared a box of  photos that were kept by my Uncle Tom.  Unfortunately these photos were not labeled so we’re sharing some the photographs in the hope that we can identify who is in these pictures.

This first photo is just labeled Oct 15, 1913 and was printed on hard cardboard stock.  Edward R. Shackford would have been 68 so he is not in the picture and in 1913, none of Edward’s children had children these ages.  We are not sure who is in these pictures or where the photo was taken.

Photo 2 dated Oct 15 1913


This photo is stamped E.R. Edwards.  The gentleman on the right seems to be the same person as in the first picture but does not seem dressed to be working in a field.

Photo 3 stamped E.R. Edwards

We’ll be scanning more pictures from this collection to see if we can learn who might be in these and the other photos.

We thank cousin Chris for sending them!



Friday Faces From the Past – Joseph Edward Shackford (1849-1920) (Blog 2) (Ancestor 8)

Joseph Edward Shackford, the son of William Brown Shackford and Catherine T (Mullett) Shackford was born Oct 22, 1849 and baptized at the Holy Cross Church in Boston on December 6, 1849.  We find him in the 1850 census with his parents and sister May Kate Shackford, age 4; in the 1855 Massachusetts census, in the 1860 census, and in the 1865 Massachusetts census.

Joseph would have just turned 16 when his father who had served in the Civil War died in November 1866 and started work sometime thereafter working as a clerk at 22 Broad St.

He married Elizabeth A (Lizzie) Myers, the daughter of Henry J V Myers, a policeman on Feb 10, 1873, and switched from clerking to working as a bookkeeper.  The family moved to Watertown, Massachusetts where we find Joseph, Lizzie and two children William Henry  and Joseph Edward in the 1880 census and also where Joseph and his wife won prizes at the Grand Army Fair in Dec 1881.  Sometime thereafter the family moved to Syracuse where our first record pertains to their December 1866 divorce which was described in the Syracuse Herald.  The newspaper stated that the suit alleged adultery by Mrs Shackford and gave custody of the two sons William H and Joseph E to their father.  The newspaper also described Joseph’s job as a commercial traveller.

Ten months later on October 20, 1887, Joseph married Miss Donna Lovilla Evans of Chicago, the daughter of Thomas Evans in a “Brilliant Social Event” and describes the happy couple departing for their future home in Syracuse, NY. They first moved to 2 East Castle Street, then to 103 East Castle.  In 1892 we find Joseph, Donna, William and Joseph along with a new son Arthur Evans Shackford in Syracuse. The couple celebrated their 12th anniversary in October 1899 with card games and dancing and appeared in multiple other newspaper articles describing entertaining.

They appeared in the 1900 census with two new children Thomas L and Donna M Shackford and are mentioned in the 1902 newspaper celebrating their 15th anniversary celebrating by playing whist.  They were also mentioned in the newspaper in 1903 due to electrical light fires occurring in the home.

In 1908, Donna who had been ill for three years died at the age of 43 due to an obstructed bile duct.  From the 1910 census we see that Joseph who was working for the National Lead Company hired a servant to help out at home as he was still traveling.  In 1914 he received an award in New York in the white lead selling competition.  In 1917 he was recognized in the Syracuse Herald for his 30 years of work representing the National Lead Company.  He died on November 28, 1920 and is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse.  His obituary describes his very active involvement in the masons & other clubs in Syracuse.

j-e-shackford-leading-mason-dies-in-hospital-syracuse-journal-29-november-1920-fultonhistoryJ. E. Shackford, Leading Mason, Dies in Hospital


Member of Many Orders and of Citizen’s Club Passes Away

Joseph E. Shackford, 71, well
known in Syracuse Masonic circles
and for the past 32 years a resident
of the city, died Sunday night at St.
Joseph’s Hospital. Mr Shackford
was for 29 years with the National
Lead Company, retiring from active
business four years ago.
He was a member of Central City
Lodge, No 305, F. and A. M., Central
City Chapter, No. 13, R. A. M., Cen-
tral City Council, No. 70. Central
City Commandery, No. 23, Knights
Templar and of the Central City
Scottish Rite bodies. He was also a
member of Ziyara Temple, Nobles of
the Mystic Shrine, Keder Khan
Grotto, and the Citizens’ Club of
Mr. Shackford is survived by four
sons: Joseph E., Jr., of Baldwins-
ville; Thomas L. of St. Augustine,
Fla.; Arthur E. of Syracuse, and
William H. of Troy, and by a
daughter Mrs. William J. Brown of
New York City.
Masonic funeral services will be
held at the undertaking rooms of W.
A. Fancher, 112 Seymour st., at a
date and hour to be fixed later.

All posts on this website are a work in progress.  We’d love to learn of any corrections or additions to the information shared.  Also we’d love it if  you’d like the post here or at as that helps share the post with others. Thanks!


with Elizabeth A Myers

William Henry Shackford (1873-1958) – married Anna Mooney, worked for Aetna Mills, , lived in Troy, New York

Joseph Edward Shackford (1876-1948) – married Etta May Chadwick, salesman for Puget Sound Works, , lived in Seattle, Washington

with Donna L Evans

Arthur Evans Shackford (1889-1965) – married Josephine Clara Essig, salesman, inspector factory, lived in Syracuse, NY

Thomas Leon Shackford (1892-1959) – married Ruth Hopkins, Eugenie R Edwards, lived in Evanston, Illinois, St Augustine, Florida

Donna May Shackford (1896-????) Married William J Brown


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Why a Second Blog? (Blog 1)

Blogging about the Shackford side of my ancestry started as a research effort to solve some major research barriers pertaining to my direct family line of Shackford.  Writing about the Shackford family history helped me learn more about genealogy research, documentation, and sourcing. These are  probably topics that only interest genealogy researchers but are very important as they ensure that the research being shared is correct.

Last year I believe I broke through a barrier on my Shackford family line and connected my Shackford line to the immigrant ancestor, William who immigrated to America about 1660.  This year I attended my first genealogy conference at the San Diego Genealogy Society. The classes were taught by Thomas MacEntee who I’ve been following for a while.  His Genealogy Do-Over guidance on Facebook and in this class has intrigued me and will be some of the guidance that I’ll follow as I research and share both sides of my family line, the Greene’s and the Shackford’s. I’ll continue to research and write about Shackford’s but with more of a focus on my own family line.

In January 2017 I received my DNA test results which gave me further incentive to look closer at both sides of my family history.


When I use Ancestry to look other trees related to my DNA results, they show a lot of connections with my Greene family.  While the family tree has already been investigated, it’s time to spend time researching the important family stories regarding this side of my family.  Maybe further research will give a hint of where that Scandinavia & Iberian Peninsula influence comes from —

So on this Blog we’ll start sharing our research one ancestor at a time numbering them and sharing the research we discover on this adventure.

Oh – and some blogs will be on both WEB sites — as we’ll share the Shackford lines on the ShackfordFamilyHistory web site.